What People Are Saying about UBU Arts Integration:


Student at Alternative High School:  The UBU Project's suicide prevention program is much more than a suicide prevention program. It is a celebration of life!

Erin B, High School Senior -  It's a hopeful message

Glendale AZ 5th Graders: 

  • Hey Mr. David, thanks for telling me about this. The depression I used to have is slowly going away. I'm still trying to love myself but at least I love myself at least a little bit.
  • I like making music and making songs. My treasure chest is in my heart.
  • Mr. David, I understand resilience better. Thank you!

Alissa, 17 - I loved being able to contribute to something bigger than I am. You’re very inspirational David.

6th Grade Students, Glasgow, MT  

  • Thank you for coming and teaching us living tableaux. I can use some of those skills because I am shy and I want to be a doctor, singer or police officer. Thank you!
  • Thank you for telling us to have a beginning, middle and end to help us with our tableaux. Also to add “meat” to our sentences like adjectives and adverbs to make our tableaux better.

Taylor, 16 -  I found that David’s ability to include everyone was very effective

Leia, HS Senior - I found the collaborative aspect to be the most fun and it was cool to see various ideas bounce around

Monica L.,  K-8 Teacher - The most effective aspect of this residency was the reinforcement of music, language, and historical concepts all rolled into one. Mr. Simmons was fabulous at reaching them on their own level. The teachers and parents loved that the students created everything (mostly) themselves and that they were able to demonstrate their knowledge through this creative presentation.   

Carolyn, High School Teacher - Integrating those that were uncomfortable and give them a voice. Love it!! 

Frank, 16 - You were very positive and open to new ideas.

Spencer, 17 - The level of interaction and creativity. It allowed a lot of people to open up

Kindergarten Student, Nashua, MT - I love workshop! 


Special Needs Teacher, Glasgow, MT - My students had an excellent experience. All of my students are special needs, David was willing to adjust his lesson to fit the needs of the group. 

Kevin  R., Principal - This is perfect. So many of our kids feel like they don't have a voice. ... To see our students up there was a once in a lifetime (experience). Thank you  for generously giving your time and expertise to conduct the workshop and telling your story. Our students benefited greatly. 

Gail K. (Parent) Phoenix, AZ - I’m not sure what you said to (my son) today but, he's been on cloud nine all night and feels really good about himself. Positive reinforcements that come from respected mentors resonate in a child’s life forever! Thank you so much. 

Michelle P. (Parent) Phoenix, AZ - I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the splendid job you  did with those children.   These last 3 weeks my son became a different person and that shell that he built was cracked and I have never seen my son so happy.  I am forever grateful for the people and circumstances that gave him the experience of community.  


Entertainment Industry Professional (via email): I couldn’t help thinking – as I watched the night unfold – how much your involvement obviously meant to the evening and how much your work must mean to so many kids.  And, by extension, how much better this world is with you in it.

Janene V. Director of Programs and Education, West Valley Arts Council  - (David's work)  ...  is a stellar example of "Beyond the Classroom" learning, greatly impacting students and teachers; especially in many rural districts and Title 1 schools. Our students are learning invaluable College & Career Ready skills and our teachers are being provided with high quality professional development that helps prepare our next generation of thinkers and leaders!  

High School Student, Phoenix AZ (via Facebook Messenger): Hey man! I'm not sure if you really remember me but you were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and I was in a bad time of my life when I (worked with you) but you always kept me going man.

Student's Mother (via Social Media): Being .... a student in David Simmons' Songwriting Class, has been a huge part of (my daughter's) finding strength and confidence within herself after her 2018 suicide attempt. I'm beyond thankful...


K-8 Students,  Goodyear, AZ

  • We can actually write our own songs!
  • We learned how beats fit with words
  • Beats can be descriptive
  • It was totally an original idea of our own
  • I liked learning the different vocal styles
  • I liked creating something
  • Enjoyed learning about different guitar styles
  • I liked the teamwork
  • I liked creating a song

7th grader, Glasgow, MT - (He) had skills! He was amazing! I enjoyed his personality and teaching skills!"


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