general outline for all UBU Project residencies


Every UBU Project Experience is Unique

Each residency is tailored to the specific needs, goals, age range and content area of each classroom. The primary through-line is that all UBU Project residencies are:

  • Student-led
  • Project-based
  • Goal-oriented
  • Arts-infused

Therefore, the following is a broad-spectrum outline. All we need is a white board, some markers and a roomful of students.


UBU Project Teaching Artist meets with host faculty to help identify content-specific curriculum goals. As a team they will also create a simple pre-test to measure current student content understanding plus a post-residency assessment to measure increased comprehension.

One Week General Outline

Day 1: Teaching Artist leads physical and vocal warm-ups/games

  • Introduce basics of story structure and story-telling through various modalities 
    • Beginning (Exposition). Middle (Development and Conflict). End (Resolution) 
  • Small group activity: 
    • Students identify and share story modalities specific to their entertainment interests (movies, books, music, video games, social media, etc…)

Day 2: Students begin taking a leadership role in running warm-ups/games

  • Story games will evolve into more student-led, small-group activities Continue focus on performing arts skill-building while introducing classroom content via student-led, teacher guided discussion. 
  • Begin interactive, student-led small group activities: creating foundations of content-specific performances piece(s)

Day 3: Students continue their leadership role in running warm-ups/games

  • Continue performing arts skill-building with various story-telling modalities as needed 
    • Music. Movement. Drama. 
  • Small group activities: Greater focus on creating content-specific performance piece(s).  

Day 4: Students continue their leadership role in running warm-ups/games

  • Begin finalizing form and structure of content-specific performance piece(s) via student-led, small group activities. 

Day 5: Students continue their leadership role in running warm-ups/games

  • Students put finishing touches on content-specific performance piece(s) 
  • Students present informal, showcase performance for other students, teachers, admin, staff, parents, families as requested by host organization 


Host teacher administers follow-up assessment and shares general data with host school admin and The UBU Project. 

Multiple UBU Workshops Under One Residency Fee

Full week residencies are encouraged as The UBU Project can work with multiple grade levels and content areas throughout the week.

For Example, Within a Single, One Week Residency:

  • 1st Period, UBU #NeverGiveUp Prevention Residency
  • 2nd Period, UBU Arts Integration Residency: Social Studies
  • 3rd Period, UBU Arts Integration Residency: Math (or other STEM content class)
  • 4th Period, UBU Arts Integration Residency: Specialized Coaching for Music or Theater Classes
  • 5th Period, UBU Arts Integration Residency: Gym/P.E. Large Motor Skills & Coordination
  • After School, UBU Arts Integration Residency: 21st Century Grant-Sponsored Tutoring and Arts Curriculum Enhancement

All for a single, One-Week Residency Fee!

UBU Project Residencies can also be extended over multiple weeks to help create a more production-oriented performance for classmates, families and staff (i.e. The Class Spring Project Based Upon Core Content).

For further information and scheduling please contact us at:

Thank you