UBU: fee schedule


The UBU Project Pricing Structure (Sliding Scale Fees Available)

Fees for UBU Project Residencies and Workshops  

(Within The Greater Phoenix, AZ Valley)

  • $2,500 per five day week
    • All inclusive w/Prep Time
  • $600 per day
    • Additional charges for prep time


Fees for UBU Project Residencies and Workshops 

(Outside The Greater Phoenix, AZ Valley)

  • $3,000 per five day week 
    • All Inclusive w/Prep Time
  • $700 per day
    • Additional Charges for Prep Time
  • $150 per travel day

Travel, Housing and Per Diem Negotiated on a Per Project Basis 

Based Upon Mileage and Travel Time

Additional Fees Apply for International Travel

Financial Assistance/Sliding Scale Fees:

The UBU Project is dedicated to making our residencies, workshops and performances available to all schools, health care facilities, faith-based communities, civic organizations and tribal populations across the broad socio-economic spectrum as best we possibly can.

Therefore, where needed, we will work in partnership with our host organizations to assist in finding funding streams (either matching or full) to support them in bringing in the student-led, project-based, goal-oriented residencies of The UBU Project.

Please contact us for additional funding opportunities in your area: info@ubuproject.org

Funding options for UBU Hosting Organizations


Schools and Community Organizations Have Utilized The Following To Bring In The UBU Project:

  • Arizona Governor's Office on Youth, Faith & Family
  • Student Activity Fees
  • Tax Credit Funds
  • Title 1
  • Title 4
  • Community Grants
  • Individual Grants | Gifts | Sponsorships
  • United Way Suicide Prevention Funds

 Additional grants available to education professionals: