UBU | Homeless ID Songwriting Contest Winners!


SONGWRITING CONTEST: Integrating Music & Community Service


The UBU Project / Homeless I.D. Project Songwriting Contest!

The UBU Project is teaming up with The Homeless ID Project to co-sponsor a songwriting contest which will culminate in various performance opportunities including the I.D. Rather Be Jamming Music Festival on October 19th. The purpose of this contest is to create an opportunity to celebrate young & emerging song writers, support the work of the Homeless I.D. Project and create community through music.

The contest is open to song writers aged 14-24 (soloists, duos or bands) with the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize, $1,000
  • ​2nd Prize, $500
  • ​3rd Prize, $200

Registration is open now and closes September 6, 2019. 

For further details please follow the links below, read the guidelines carefully and sign up! Your song could have a strong impact on helping homeless individuals and families take the next critical step towards reclaiming their own voice. 
And remember, "with a photo I.D. you can get a job, a car and a home. Without an I.D. the only thing you can get is arrested."




PLEASE READ before Registration:

Purpose: Songs will help promote and celebrate the work of the Homeless ID Project

Eligibility age: 14-24 (must fall within this age range as of October 19, 2019)

Contest is open to: soloists, duos or bands 

Songs can be in any musical style (Lyrics must be intelligible and public-school classroom appropriate)

Songwriters will retain full copyright © ownership of their song(s) in perpetuity

The Homeless ID Project and The UBU Project will retain free copyright © use of all songs in perpetuity (live performance, video, audio, streaming and any other available format here-tofore unknown)

Songs must be no longer than 4 minutes and no shorter than 2 minutes 30 seconds.

All songs must include both music and lyrics (no instrumentals)

Songwriters must familiarize themselves with the work of The Homeless ID Project 

Songs should reflect the values and mission of The Homeless ID Project. The words and phrases below may be used to guide and inspire the songwriters’ creative process: 

  • Community
  • The Dignity of Belonging
  • The Dignity of Community
  • First Critical Step
  • What Does “Home” Mean to You
  • First Step In the Journey
  • Reclaiming Your Voice
  • Help Starts Here
  • Overcoming Inertia
  • With an ID you can get a job, a car and a house. The only thing you can get without an ID is arrested

All songs must be posted to the contest registration page (in addition to filling out all registration information) in standard video format on YouTube and submitted no later than midnight September 6, 2019.

All songs will be judged by local, regional and/or national entertainment and performing arts industry professionals. Current list of judges (subject to change without notice): 

  • Walt Versen: Management for Tower of Power 
  • Ed Masley: Pop Music Critic at The Arizona Republic
  • Cathalena Burch, Country and Classical writer for the Arizona Star in Tucson 
  • Ted and Majella Turner (Ted is former lead guitarist for Wishbone Ash. Ted & Majella are a singer/songwriter team based in the Phoenix Valley)
  • Michael Beck: Musician and Owner/Producer/Engineer at SoundVision Recording Studios
  • Mark 4man: Performer, Arranger, Music Director with Brock Pro Management, Arizona Broadway Theater 
  • David Simmons: Creative Director of The UBU Project and Local/National/international Performer, Recording Artist and Songwriting Instructor

Contest judging will involve a multi-tiered process. 

  • Therefore, not all songs will be seen/heard by all judges.

All participants will be notified of their final contest status no later than midnight October 4, 2019

Top three prize winners must be available to perform their song(s) at The Homeless ID Project 5K/Music Fest Benefit event on October 19, 2019 between 7am-Noon (songs must be

memorized for this performance.) Lack of availability to perform voids any and all winnings.

Songwriters may be members of a maximum of two (2) contest entrants (ie: they may enter as a soloist and also as a member of a duo or band).

Contest winners will receive:

  • 1st Place, $1,000
  • 2nd Place, $500
  • 3rd Place, $200