Performing Arts Integration Residencies For All Ages


Social-Emotional Learning

Core Curriculum: Transform Your Stem to STEAM

community outreach

Eligible for Title I and Tile IV(a) Funding

UBU Project Videos

UBU Project Overview (Narrated by JK Simmons)

Student and Counselor Reflections on UBU Suicide Prevention Residency & Peer Mentoring

UBU Arts Integration: Teacher Reflections

UBU Suicide Prevention Residency: Student Feedback

UBU Suicide Prevention Residency: Faculty | Staff | Admin Feedback

UBU: Students Perform Their Original Songs

Willard Alternative High School Suicide Prevention Residency: "Celebrate Life!"

Cactus Shadows High School Substance Abuse Prevention and Peer Mentoring Residency: "I Aspire", "I Know I'm Something Better", "I Love Me", "Break That Cycle!"

Buckeye Union High School Arts Integration Residency: "Ballad of King Haslanger the 1st"

Vision. Mission. Values.

VISION:  The UBU Project Envisions a World Where Every Voice is Honored and Heard  

MISSION: Engage. Encourage. Inspire.

  • ENGAGE: every student through arts integration to provide deeper comprehension of their core content curriculum 
  • ENCOURAGE: every student to experience the joy and wonder of being curious, life-long learners.
  • INSPIRE: every student to celebrate the wonder of who they truly are through  Suicide Prevention, Anti-Bullying and Substance Abuse Prevention residencies.

VALUES: The UBU Project values providing a safe and supportive environment where people of all ages, abilities, creeds, cultures,  gender identities, and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to learn, create and thrive. 

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